Our Manufacturing Unit - Kalpana Handmade Paper

Kalpana Handmade Paper Industries is located in Rajasthan, Jaipur City, India.
The Jaipur (Pink city) is world famous for its Tradition Art and Heritage. 
To keep alive the Traditional Art of Paper Making, Mr. Ram Prasad Saini established Kalpana Handmade Paper Industries as a Director in 1994 with an experience over 35 years in the field of Handmade Paper. Mr. Saini introduced the art of villagers into global market while improving life of artisans as well as their family.
21Fools manufactures the seed paper in guidance and support of Kalpana Handmade Paper in Jaipur
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Her name is Stuti and she is behind all the beautiful photographs on our website.
She love making portraits of people at weddings. Happy or sad, giggles, blushes, smiles and tears, She want them all captured so that she can present to you memories for life. With lots of love!
 Stuti specialize in Candid-Contemporary Wedding Photography - which would be the new casual candid style of portrait and editorial photography at weddings, which is prettier and more personal than the regular documentation photography :) 
Her clients end up becoming her friends and family! Do we need to say more?
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Samarpita believes in spending more time doing what you do the best. So she conveniently spends her days writing, editing, and reading - on a loop. With a decade of experience with the biggest names in the industry, she now freelances as a content provider, with editing being her prime area of expertise.
Her love for words and languages surpasses all her other emotions, and she believes every language should be respected and used correctly. 
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