Plantable Seed Paper Rakhi - Pack of 5

Plantable Seed Paper Rakhi - Pack of 5

Rs. 751.00

This Rakshabandhan, sow a seed of love & care with your brother and watch it bloom into a plant.

Each element of the Rakhi signifies a special characteristic:

1. The thread in the Rakhi denotes the bond that is tied between a brother and a sister.

2. The plantable seed paper flowers denote growth and nourishment in a relationship.

3. The leaf at the top of the Rakhi denotes uniqueness in each Rakhi that we make.

The rakhi is secured by coconut fiber that keeps it safe and sound. This fiber can be used to grow the rakhi into a plant.

Finally, The rakhi is placed into a beautiful box that is made out of waste cotton and is handcrafted to perfection.