It is common for us read a newspaper once and never pick it up again. 

Did you know that wastage of newspaper is one of the leading causes of paper pollution? Even after recycling the paper, it is estimated that the recovery rate of paper in India is only 26 percent. 

We, at 21Fools tried to make an effort to bridge this gap by making India's very first newspaper that is printed on plantable seed paper. This newspaper will not pile up in your house but will turn itself into a beautiful green plant. 

Our inspiration of making this sustainable newspaper was was born when Mr Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group tweeted about a Japanese newspaper that grew into wildflowers. 


Mahindra Group is one of the leading companies in our country that takes extra efforts to ensure sustainability and conservation of the environment. So we made a newspaper dedicated to Mahindra Group and named it "Mahindra Newsletter" just like they do. This newspaper features their eco-friendly initiatives towards to environment as well as the society. 

This newspaper is made out of waste cotton and is embedded with marigold seeds. After reading, it can be covered in a thin layer of soil and watered regularly. In a few days, the newspaper will bloom into beautiful flowers.

With this, we encourage and support every sustainable alternative that prevents the wastage of paper. Apart from newspapers, we make seed paper calendars, coasters, wedding invites, business cards and various other products that grow into greens.

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August 23, 2018 — Tasneem Hamza

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