A Calendar that grows


Calendar Green

Covered in a Green textured paper, the base of this calendar is made of recycled cardboard. The left side consists of 12 handmade paper sheets that can be used to print calendar, illustrations, graphics and photographs. The right side has wiro bound 12 seed paper sheets which can be manually printed.

Made for Hyatt India

Best Selling Calendar

Calendar Soil

The base of this paper uses zero cardboard and is made up of handmade paper. Thus, it is 100% biodegradable. The base consists of a pocket like structure that holds the sheets of the calendar. It consists of 12 Seed Paper Sheets.

Made for Pepperfry, Prince Pipe & more than 5 other companies.

Simple yet most loved

Calendar Earth

Calendar Earth is the first Plantable Calendar we made. With a cardboard base, 12 different seed paper sheets are wiro-binded to form the Calendar. Its beauty lies in its simplicity.

Made for Mahindra, TVS, Ather & more than 10 companies

Multi Color Calendar

Calendar Vibgyor

Aimed at brightening up your day, this calendar is full of vibrant colors. With a sturdy cardboard base, it consists of 12 seed paper sheets. These sheets are wiro-binded like a traditional calendar.

Made for RBL Bank & 3 other companies

Sustainability Award winning Calendar


Kyaari is handcrafted out of 2 unique elements. Seed Paper - Handmade paper embedded with seeds to grow into a plant. Reclaimed Wood - Made of old, neglected wood to find a place in your home. With all our love generated from India - our quirky designs include the essence of the country.

Made for Google, Facebook & more than 10 wonderful brands

Mini Kyaari

This is a mini version of Kyaari. This includes small seed paper sheets along with a small wooden stand to hold the sheets. This stand is made up of previously used wood and can be reused to hold various paper products.

Made for Godrej, Google & more than 10 companies