Paper that grows into a plant

Plantable Seed Paper

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Paper that grows into a plant

What is Plantable paper?


Plantable Seed Paper

How it works?

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Seeds of love

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Meaningful Products & Stories for a Better World

We, as a human beings are innovators. Our branches reach high into the heavens. Our roots dig deep into the Earth. Yet, we’re all woven together, signifying the connection between all things. We are connectors. We’re the glue between young creatives & forward-thinking businesses.  
Look at the tiny seedlings which slowly push multiple layers of soil every day and night to sprout off the dirt and breathe the open air till the plant survives and celebrates freedom. 
21Fools exists to encourage and celebrate this freedom. Even the non-living products from our stable sprout in your garden. We will be creating meaningful products and stories that help us grow and make this world a happier place.