Valentine's Day Limited Collection

Let your love grow

Greeting Cards that grow into widflowers

Handcrafted from rPET fabric


Premium Sustainable Organisers & Bags

Handmade. Safe. Ethical

The Gaja Project

Paper made from Elephant Waste

Seed Paper Stationery

Paper that grows

Seed Flags that grows into a plant

We are craftswomen community of Roopbas Village, Sanganer. From our workshop and homes, we make paper using waste cotton and seeds. Once the paper is soaked in water and sown in the soil, it grows into a plant. Collaborating with the oldest manual block printers and Khadi printers of Sanganer, we have printed our National Flags on our Seed Papers. 

Love Roots - Sustainable Wedding Stationery

We create eco-friendly wedding invitation cards, itinerary, luggage tags, money envelopes, welcome letter, bags, anything and everything wedding.

Creating Tangible Memories: Unveiling 'Khat'

‘Khat’ is a potpourri of sustainably handcrafted stationery, designed for those who love to express through words, doodles, or a stroke of brush. Transitioning from waste cloth rag, ‘Khat’ goes through a sustainable process to transform itself to imperfect but beautiful deckle edged fine sheets.

Our 'Khat' collection includes all sorts of paper produce that would help preserve your adorable-tangible memories, close to you. 

Handcrafted by farmers & artisans community

People behind 21Fools

21Fools is a homegrown brand that handcrafts sustainable stationery products working with farmers, rural craftspersons & artisans from the villages of India. 

Seed Paper by 21Fools

"Every beautiful creation starts from a blank sheet of paper."
"Every beautiful creation starts from a blank sheet of paper."

Meaningful Gifts for Festivals

Beej Patakha

Diwali gift for your loved ones contains look-alike crackers embedded with seeds that grow into plants & hand-painted clay Diyas. Celebrate this Diwali with lights, laughter, and our eco-friendly Beej Patakhas that grow into plants. 

Seed Rakhi

Plantable Rakhi embedded with seeds is made from naturally dyed hand spun organic cotton yarn. Handmade by artists & farmer community of Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan. Sow them in the soil after festival to grow flowers & herbs.

Herbal Gulal

Bright Handmade Holi Colours with 100% Natural Ingredients. Made by farmers & Tribal communities in Rajasthan these Herbal Gulals are Non-Toxic & Lead-Free. Made from organic corn flour, vegetable & flowers.

More than 500+ clients

Kyaari - Calendar that grows into a plant

Mahatma Gandhi rightly quoted, "The earth has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed “. We at 21fools, challenge exactly that. Rooted in our Indian heritage, we came up with a product that celebrates the birth of the new and the rebirth of the old. 

Kyaari- A calendar that not only gives your memories a space of its own but also gives them life.