Paper from Elephant Waste Fibre

The Gaja Project

Paper from Elephant Waste Fibre

The Gaja Project

The Gaja Project

The GAJA Project aims to explore the sustainable and innovative use of elephant dung/waste in paper production. This project focuses on transforming an organic waste material into a valuable resource while raising awareness about environmental conservation and supporting local communities.

'The Gaja Project' Products

Hardbound Journal

With its exquisite design, the Elephant Poop Journal stands out as a truly one-of-a-kind accessory. The cover features a tasteful and artistic depiction of elephants, symbolizing wisdom, strength, and harmony with nature. The compact size makes it convenient to carry wherever you go, allowing you to capture your thoughts and experiences on the go.


The Elephant Poop Paper Bookmark is not your ordinary bookmark; it is a testament to innovation and sustainability. Each bookmark is carefully crafted from sanitized and processed elephant dung fibers, creating a unique texture and adding a touch of nature to your reading experience.

Paper Coasters

The Elephant Poop Paper Coasters offer a unique and innovative way to protect your surfaces while promoting environmental conservation. Each coaster is carefully created from sanitized and processed elephant dung fibers, resulting in a durable and water-resistant material that is perfect for shielding your tables and countertops.


Introducing our Elephant Poop Paper Notebook, a sustainable and extraordinary companion for your writing and creativity. Crafted from paper made with recycled elephant poop fibers, this notebook combines eco-consciousness with a touch of nature's ingenuity.

Wrapping Paper

Featuring a delightful elephant-themed design, this wrapping paper adds a touch of whimsy and charm to your gifts. It serves as a conversation starter, allowing you to share the story of its unique origin and raise awareness about recycling and repurposing waste.

Cards & Envelopes

The set includes high-quality, blank cards that provide ample space for your personalized messages and artwork. The unique texture of the elephant poop paper adds character to your writing or drawing, creating a truly one-of-a-kind experience for both the sender and the recipient.

From waste to paper

The process of making paper from elephant poop involves several steps. Here is a simplified four-step process to give you an overview.

Step 1: Collection and Cleaning

Collect the elephant dung from designated areas where elephants roam or are kept in a controlled environment.

Thoroughly clean the collected dung to remove any impurities such as dirt, grass, or stones. This step ensures a hygienic and safe material for paper production.

Step 2: Fiber Sterilization

Boil or soak the dung in a solution of caustic soda & water to soften it and loosen the fibers.

Separate the fibrous components from other waste materials in the dung.

Step 3: Pulp Creation

Once the fibers are separated, they are mixed with cotton in a ratio of 3:2 to create a pulp mixture. This process helps break down the fibers further and creates a more uniform consistency.

The resulting pulp is typically mixed with water to achieve the desired pulp consistency, which will determine the thickness and texture of the final paper.

Step 4: Paper Formation and Finishing

Spread the pulp mixture onto screens or molds, ensuring an even distribution. Remove excess water by pressing the pulp using mechanical pressing.

Dry the formed paper sheets under the sun. Once the paper sheets are dry, calendar them to smoothen the texture.

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Come be part of our community

As part of our community, you become a patron of this sustainable movement. By choosing our elephant poop paper products, you not only embrace uniqueness and creativity but also play an active role in protecting our planet. Each purchase supports the livelihoods of our craftspersons and helps create a brighter future for both elephants and humans alike.

Who makes the paper?

Our craftspersons are the heart and soul of our community. With meticulous care and dedication, they collect and process elephant dung to extract the precious fibers that form the foundation of our unique paper. Through their skilled hands, they transform this unconventional material into beautiful sheets that tell a tale of innovation and environmental stewardship.

Handmade. Safe. Ethical.

Each craftsperson is deeply connected to the process, understanding the importance of handling the elephant dung with respect and care. They diligently clean and sanitize the fibers, ensuring that the resulting paper is safe, odorless, and of the highest quality. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in every sheet of paper they create.