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We would love to collaborate with artists & creators to come up with their own Sustainable Stationery collections and reduce the wood pulp paper usage from our day to day life. Let's make this planet a little greener together. Give us a shout!

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We have worked with over 500+ clients and made more than 5 million+ Plantable products in the last 6 years. We would love to work with you & create sustainable products for your organisation. Call us on  +91- 97833-83304 / +91- 91675 8749.

Create something beautiful with us.

Create to experience true happiness.

Create to bring something in this world that didn’t exist before. Create to add something meaningful, something useful, something beautiful to this world. Each and every little thing that you see around yourself, that you read, that you experience, that you smell, that you eat, that you hear is there because one person out there sat with a blank sheet of paper and filled it with his bare hands, a mind full of original ideas and a heart filled with passion.

Create to experience true happiness. Create to smile like a mother who sees her newly born child for the first time. Create to feel the racing heartbeat similar to a musician who has just stopped playing and is waiting for the applaud. Create to smile nervously like a painted who has just revealed his art to the world. 

Create without the fear of being judged, of being mocked, of failing. Create from nothingness, from the very beginning. Create your life. Create a world of your own.  

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