The 21Fools Family


We, as human beings are innovators.

Our branches reach high into the heavens. Our roots dig deep into the Earth. Yet, we’re all woven together, signifying the connection between all things. We are connectors. We’re the glue between young creatives & forward-thinking businesses.

Look at the tiny seedlings which slowly push multiple layers of soil every day and night to sprout off the dirt and breathe the open air till the plant survives and celebrates freedom.

21Fools exists to encourage and celebrate this freedom. Even the non-living products from our stable sprout in your garden. We will be creating meaningful products and stories that help us grow and make this world a better place to live.

In 2014, from our workshop in Jaipur & Mumbai, 21Fools has introduced ‘Beej Kapas’ – A paper that grows into a plant in India for the first time. Since then we have handcrafted over 2 million Beej-Kapas products that grew into millions of plants.



Divyanshu is the Founder and CEO of 21Fools, which he started from his hostel room during his engineering at DCE. After failing twice to build a financially sustainable model for 21Fools, first while running a magazine & then an online portal to send paper greeting cards, he moved to something which had his heart from the very beginning – Sustainable Products. 
During the company’s early years, Divyanshu acted as a sole designer, sales & production hustler and sometimes the delivery boy to assure timely delivery for clients. Now he focuses on making new sustainable products from Beej Kapas Paper and Reclaimed wood

When he is not working, Divyanshu is busy drinking tea, collecting stories from people and places, watching films and listening to A R Rahman. An aspiring Film maker and writer, he loves to think he is a food lover in spite of being a vegetarian with a small appetite.  

Mahak, the one ensuring that all manufacturing processes run efficiently, is the production and sales hustler at 21Fools. In her free time, she loves listening to good tunes and dance to them. She has a hidden talent for painting.

Riya Shah (Designer & Illustrator)  

Riya is a creative designer with a focus on contemporary graphic design. She enjoys the blend of traditional and digital techniques in her work! When she's not designing she loves to pet dogs and cats. 



Only 19 years old, Zoya is still trying to figure things out. Little bumps and bruises along the way she’s recently discovered her love for writing. She writes compulsively, on all occasions. A student of Journalism, she’s still wrapping her head around the world she lives in and can often be seen staring into blank spaces contemplating the meaning of life. When she’s not coloring rainbows in her head she handles the 21Fools Social Media and creates content with Divyanshu. Apart from the above, she enjoys theatre, travel and conversation over copious amounts of masala chai.



Ram Prasad Saini (Mentor, 21Fools)  

35 years of experience makes Ramprasad Saini a connoisseur in the art of making hand-made paper. He is the founder of our partner company Kalpana Handmade Paper, that acts as the manufacturing unit for 21fools BeejKapas and other products for the same. His grit, determination and vision to see a more sustainable world has lead him to create fascinating new products that circle around natural products. He’s one man that doesn’t shy away from getting down and dirty in order for the environmental benefit!

Trilok Saini (CEO, Kalpana Handmade Paper)

A Bachelors degree in Business and over 7 years of experience in the overseas market Trilak Saini does not quit till our customer leaves with a huge wide grin. Focusing mostly on customer satisfaction and product enhancement. He is an absolute perfectionist and channels all his effort in creating happy customers!

Lokesh Saini  (COO, Kalpana Handmade Paper)

After having studied Aircraft engineering for a good part of his life, Lokesh Saini was offered a job abroad, which he politely turned down. He realized that his true calling was service - To his country, it’s people and to himself. Now he enjoys his techy status in the team even while working with the villagers, craftsmen and artists at the grass root level. From producing raw material, to manufacturing the final product, he is our omnipresent handyman and digital dynast!