21Fools Family

21Fools Design & Entertainment Pvt Ltd is a homegrown brand that handcrafts sustainable stationery products working with farmers, rural craftspersons & artisans from the villages of India. 

In 2014, from a small workshop in Sanganer, Rajasthan, our craftspersons community, introduced Plantable Paper which has now become one of the best innovations in the sustainable paper industry of India. The rural community we work with has inspired us with their firm diligence and dedication, which has helped us work with over 500+ establishments & encouraged over 2.5 million customers to grow a plant in their homes from our Plantable products. 

Along with our sustainable stationery line, we have expanded ourselves to create eco-products that include cork produced essentials & reclaimed wood organisers. We’ve also found ways to make Indian festivals a lot more environmentally sound and innovative with our products which include firecrackers look-alike that grow themselves into plants, Seed Rakhis & Herbal Gulal.

Founder & CEO

Divyanshu Asopa

Divyanshu is the Founder of 21Fools, which he started from his hostel room during his engineering at DCE. After failing twice to build a financially sustainable model for 21Fools, first while running a magazine & then an online portal to send paper greeting cards, he moved to something which had his heart from the very beginning – Sustainable Handcrafted Products. During the company’s early years, Divyanshu acted as a sole designer, sales & production hustler and sometimes the delivery boy to assure timely delivery for clients. Now he focuses on making new sustainable products.

An aspiring Filmmaker and writer, Divyanshu spends most of his time drinking tea & collecting stories.

21Fools Handmade Paper Workshop

Trilok Saini

Head of Paper Unit

A Bachelor's degree in Business and over 7 years of experience in the overseas market Trilak Saini does not quit till our customer leaves with a huge wide grin. Focusing mostly on customer satisfaction and product enhancement. He is an absolute perfectionist and channels all his effort in creating happy customers!

Ramprasad Saini


35 years of experience makes Ramprasad Saini a connoisseur in the art of making handmade paper. His grit, determination and vision to see a more sustainable world has lead him to create fascinating new products that circle around natural products. He’s one man that doesn’t shy away from getting down and dirty in order for the environmental benefit!

Lokesh Saini 

Head of Production

After having studied Aircraft engineering for a good part of his life, Lokesh Saini was offered a job abroad, which he politely turned down. He realized that his true calling was service - To his country, it’s people and to himself. Now he enjoys his techy status in the team even while working with the villagers, craftsmen and artists at the grass root level.

COO, 21Fools

Sachin Asopa

Sachin joined 21Fools in 2018 after finishing his graduation in Civil engineering. With a degree in engineering, his heart was always in meeting people from various backgrounds and sharing ideas with them - A sales professional at his core, he now oversees everything and anything of 21Fools. A backbone of 21fools, he enjoys working with big corporations, introducing innovative products to them and taking care of timely production. 

When not working, and not hanging out with his friends,  he loves trying out his hands at cooking.

Creative Team

Divya Sharma

Designer, 21Fools

Fuelled by a passion for visual storytelling, Divya translates ideas into compelling designs that create value. At 21Fools, she plays a central role in shaping how the world sees our brand. She holds a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from NIFT Gandhinagar and is pursuing a Master's in Craft Communication Design from IICD, Jaipur. Delving into diverse domains, she is a curious learner who loves to explore culture and heritage.

Mohd Ramzan

Head, Printing Unit

Hand printing Deptt is take care by Ramzan Bhai at 21Fools. He was the first person based in Jaipur to figure out the technique and talent of printing complicated designs on textured seed paper. He has been putting to use his own expertise & years and years of knowledge, we owe him a lot of credit. He was able to figure out the type of ink that can be put into use, hand pressure and other complicated dynamics that could help us view clear printing on the product.

Tripty Guru

Photographer & Stylist

Tripty has brought the aesthetics and the colour in 21 Fools that one sees today. First as an in house photographer and now as someone who is creating multiple products for 21 Fools - Right from working on a sustainable stationery product line to working on sustainable products for the Indian Festival. Tripty is working with designers and craftspersons to produce products which are colourful, and fun but have a purpose to them.