For the journey within - Bakhia / Pale Pink

Rs. 999.00

‘Bakiya’ means ‘a single stitch'. This beautiful journal is made by stitching handmade papers together. With Bakhiya, capture all your memorable moments exploring favourite cities & experience nostalgia when you read them back, later in time. This vintage-looking journal is compact sized so you can write wherever you are and can easily fit into a backpack, can carry it to your next vacation trip. Pin your polaroids, postcards, tickets, and pressed flowers between the pages and tie them secured in the cover. Document your travels and your findings. Have a time of life and cherish them later with your adorable documentation enclosed with love - inside of Bakhiya.


INCLUDES - 1 Bakhia , 1 Bakhiya Keeper 


DIMENSION: A5 (Deckle/ Rough edges)

GSM - 110 GSM approx

SPECIALITY - Made from 100% Pre-consumed cotton waste, Handmade Paper, water & natural gum. Acid-Free Paper (Internal sizing done). 100% Biodegradable.

IDEAL FOR -  Mental Health Journal, Travel Journaling,  Carry Friendly-writing,  Trade Journal, Art Journaling, Gratitude Journaling, Doodling & Illustrating. 

HANDMADE BY local craftspersons community from Roopbas village near Jaipur.

HANDMADE FOR Travellers, Collectors, Innovators, Teenagers,  Scientists & Misfits, Artists, Craftspersons, the young ones & the old souls. 


21Fools is a homegrown brand that handcrafts sustainable stationery working with farmers, rural craftspersons & artisans from the villages of India. In 2014, from its workshop in Sanganer, Rajasthan, our craftspersons community, introduced Plantable Paper which has now become one of the best innovations in the sustainable paper industry of India. Since then our small team has worked with over 500+ companies & inspired over 2.5 million customers to grow a plant in their homes from our Plantable products. 

In the last few years, along with our well-appreciated sustainable stationery line, we have started creating meaningful products to celebrate Indian festivals. It includes firecrackers look-alike that grows into plants, Seed Rakhis & herbal Gulal.