Let your words bloom - Pale Pink - Pack of 5 Plantable Card & Envelope

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With the goodness of seeds embedded in your pretty envelopes & sheets, you make sure that each letter you end up writing on these sheets, stays with you longer than you can ever imagine! With “Khat” convey your love to your near and dear ones. As these 5*7 sheets grow into beautiful plants, allow your loved ones to nurture them with utmost care in the name of you. These rough-edged seed papers make your letters, more beautiful and unique, just as our imperfections make us who we are. 

Handmade with love for you, by 21 Fools. 


INCLUDES - Pack of 5 Plantable Seed Paper Cards & 5 Handmade Paper Envelopes, 5 Wax Seals, Two Seed Pencils, Handmade Cotton Flower & Naturally Dyed Cotton Thread

SIZE : 5x7 inches approx (Deckle/ Rough edges)

GSM - 300 GSM Seed Paper Card + 200 GSM Handmade Paper Envelope

SPECIALITY - Made from 100% Pre-consumed cotton waste, Seeds, water & natural gum. Acid-Free Paper (Internal sizing done). 100% Biodegradable.

IDEAL FOR - Screen Printing, Letterpress/Block printing, Craftwork & Inkjet Digital printing at home, Letter Writing. 

HANDMADE BY local craftspersons community from Roopbas village near Jaipur.

HANDMADE FOR Artists, Craftspersons, Lovers, Friends, Colleagues, Parents & Kids, the young ones & the old souls. But most importantly, it’s handmade for all those who wish to make someone feel special with a truthful & heartfelt note that they will hold close forever.


Khat collection is made from pre-consumer cotton waste that we source from textile companies. This waste is brought back into the ecosystem by recycling it using our paper making process.

We use only 1/10th amount of water to make a sheet of paper as compared to the paper made by cutting trees. More than that our paper making process is driven by solar energy that runs our workshop. 


21Fools is a homegrown brand that handcrafts sustainable stationery working with farmers, rural craftspersons & artisans from the villages of India. In 2014, from its workshop in Sanganer, Rajasthan, our craftspersons community, introduced Plantable Paper which has now become one of the best innovations in the sustainable paper industry of India. Since then our small team has worked with over 500+ companies & inspired over 2.5 million customers to grow a plant in their homes from our Plantable products. 

In the last few years, along with our well-appreciated sustainable stationery line, we have started creating meaningful products to celebrate Indian festivals. It includes firecrackers look-alike that grows into plants, Seed Rakhis & herbal Gulal.

Our core values: ​​"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness" - Mahatma Gandhi.