Being Eco-friendly is not just limited to planting trees or managing waste. You can now adopt a green lifestyle at an individual scale with the help of these apps.

Below are our top 5 green apps across a range of applications, that could help you stay sustainable, expand your eco-knowledge as well as save money! 

  1. Joulebug

With an attractive green interface, Joulebug tops our list. This app makes the entire saving-the-planet concept into a fun and entertaining game.

With every sustainable effort that you make, just update the app and you can earn Pins, Trophies, Badges and other fun goodies.

This serves as a great motivation to become greener and earn more goodies. It also allows you to compete with people, thus making the overall experience more engaging. 

  1. GoGreen - Carbon Tracker

This app uses GPS to calculate your carbon footprint based on your travel. It tracks your carbon emission in a chart format where you can set monthly goals to decrease your emission.

In addition, It can also track your electricity and gas consumption with the help of your electricity bills data to further contribute to consumption.

Ps- This app is free! 

  1. GreenMeter

If you happen to be a fuel hog and have no idea why, this app can be your best friend.

The app tracks the energy consumption for your car, detects excess energy consumption and changes your driving habits making your car fuel-efficient.

  1. Eco Dice

Eco-Dice serves as another amusing way to eco-fy your lifestyle. Simply toss the dice using your touch screen and the app assigns you a green task to complete for that day. The tasks are as simple as carrying your own grocery bag, turning off an appliance or using the public transport. If you want to contribute to saving the environment but don't know how, this app is for you.

  1. DoneGood

If you happen to be a Shopaholic and wish to make eco-friendly choices, this app will be your paradise. Ranging from Clothing and Personal Care to Pets and Gifts, this app has an extensive variety of products to choose from. It only displays brands that do good for people, animals, and the planet.

We all wish to be eco-friendly, but sometimes require that “push” to execute our thoughts and intentions into actions. Apps serve as an engaging medium in changing our attitude and in general, adopting a healthier and greener lifestyle. Are you going to give them a try?



July 12, 2018 — Divyanshu Asopa

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