At 21 Fools, we aim to uphold the spirit of sustainability. We not only make plantable seed paper, but also promote every like-minded eco-friendly approach as a whole.

Green weddings are all the rage right now. They not only have a significant impact on the environment but also make your wedding more meaningful and memorable! The most common misconceptions about such a wedding are that they cost a fortune and are very difficult to execute. However, planning an eco-friendly wedding can be inexpensive, easy as well as very enjoyable.

Here is your guide to a green wedding:

1. Choose a Venue with Natural Lighting

Picking an outdoor venue can be one of the biggest ways to cut down on energy consumption. Plan your wedding during the day or early evening where the sun can provide all of your lighting.

In case you want to be indoors, pick a venue with large windows and keep a check on your electricity consumption. You can also use attractive candles which not only supplements natural lighting, but also act as fancy decor!

For beautiful scented wedding candles, check out Aastha Candles

2. Rent all your crockery and cutlery

Most people opt for disposable materials for their wedding crockery. However these items made out of plastic and Styrofoam have a detrimental impact on the earth. Renting your party items from a rental service would be an easy and more affordable alternative. Plus, there’s no hassle of washing the utensils, since these services take care of that.

3. Wedding Invites

Wedding Invitations made out of paper serve as nothing but waste for the guests. Try going paperless and sending evites – online invites. Another eco-conscious choice would be using plantable paper. This paper containing cotton and seeds can be buried into the earth and grown into lovely green plants. These can be as fancy and attractive as the normal wedding cards, just more sustainable! To check out our beej kapas wedding cards click here.

4. Rent all your outfits

No, an eco-friendly wedding does not mean you have to compromise on your dream wedding dress. There are many ways of choosing a more ethical option. Try using old family dresses or gowns to create your own. If that is out-dated, you can even rent all your outfits. Your dress will not only be trendy but also won’t cost you a fortune. It will also save you some space in your closet for something you’ll never wear again! Flyrobe has an awesome wedding collection that will fulfill all your fancies. Click here to check it out.

5. Donate excess food

Food wastage is one of the most important concerns of a green wedding. Excess food can be donated to those in need instead of disposing it. There are specialized companies dedicated to picking up excess food at weddings and delivering it to those in need. FeedingIndia is doing an awesome job at feeding mouths and not bins!

6. Go Digital

Let’s be real, you don’t need a hundred physical copies of your wedding photos. Just keep all your photos in a digital medium and save some space as well as money. Only print the ones you need for framing.

7. Be Creative

There are innumerable ways of being eco-friendly. Use your on creativity and you never know what trend you might end up setting! Abhishek Raje and Sowmya Reddy, a couple, hosted a wedding without sari and meat and went viral. Shyamala is a green wedding organizer has adopted meaningful ways to celebrate like avoiding plastic and segregating waste. 

To take an extra effort towards being eco-friendly, check out our previous blog here.

August 02, 2018 — Tasneem Hamza

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