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 Plantable Seed paper is an eco friendly  handmade paper made from pre-consumed cotton material and embedded with seeds. . After Usage when you sow the Plantable Seed Paper in the soil, the cotton will start decomposing itself in the soil and the seeds will start to germinate and slowly becomes a plant. 

"It's saving trees on one hand & helping them grow on another."

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In this fast-paced life of careless consumption of resources, We at 21Fools are making an effort to alter this culture by one that is meaningful. We aim to build a sustainable environment by mindful consumption and creating products with minimum impact to the earth.

We make sustainable products like Plantable Seed Paper, Eco Organiser, Plantable Bags, Platable flags, Plantable Calendar, Plantable Wedding InvitationsPlantable Coasters, Plantable Cards, Plantable Bookmarks, Plantable Tags & many more.

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