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Rs. 1,699.00

The Package will include

Daftar, A Kraft Paper Handmade Paper Diary of 5 x 7 inches, 100% Biodegradable Reusable Box, A seed paper note. 

Story behind Daftar

An Eco Organiser that has space for everything you need anywhere – Your own compact portable office.

In this fast-paced life of careless consumption of resources, We at 21Fools are making an effort to alter this culture by one that is meaningful. We aim to build a sustainable environment by mindful consumption and creating a minimum impact on the earth.

Design & Material

We present to you ‘Daftar’, a compact, sustainable Eco Organiser, made from two sustainable materials and handcrafted with skills that are being forgotten. Made partially from Cork Cloth, Daftar uses one of the best vegan and eco-friendly fabric sustainably available to us. Its durability, quality and richness make cork cloth a perfect alternative to animal leather.

The other half of this Eco Organiser is made from ‘Kora Khaadi’ Canvas – A Handwoven Cotton fabric to provide pockets/space to hold your power bank, visiting cards, pen, ear-phones, diary, valuables and loose pages.

This beautiful Eco Organiser is hand-stitched by craftsmen of 21Fools is an eye-catching symbol of sustainability, elegance and minimalism.

Welcome ‘Daftar' into your life, a hand-held companion that brings the essence of nature close to you.

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