Eco-friendly Beej Patakha | Look alike Seed Crackers

Rs. 399.00

This 'Eco-friendly Diwali gift' for your loved ones contains look-alike crackers embedded with seeds that grow into plants. Celebrate this Diwali with lights, laughter, and our eco-friendly Beej Patakhas that grow into plants. 

Buy Seed Crackers to keep your planet pollution-free. 

Ecofriendly Cracker Box contains:

1. One Anar - Seeds embedded - Tomato

2. One Colorful Chakri - Seeds embedded: Cucumber Chakri

3. One Sparkle Bomb - Seeds embedded: Pumpkin Seeds

4. One Sutli Cracker - Seeds embedded: Chilli

5. One Naagin Ladi - Seeds embedded: Fenugreek, Carrot, Mustard, Chilli, Radish. 

6. One Bullet Bomb - Seeds embedded: 

7. One Roll Cap - Seeds embedded: Coriander 

Handcrafted locally: These Plantable Eco-friendly Seed Crackers are made with love by farmers and rural women's self-help groups as part of their livelihood program. 

Go Local with the Plantable Crackers embedded with seeds and support the artists & farmer community.