Deckle - Plantable Calendar 2022

Rs. 1,399.00

‘Deckle’ is an imperfect & yet beautiful calendar. Its uniqueness lies in the rough edges of its Plantable Handmade paper sheets & reclaimed wooden block. Each & every page of the calendar is handmade separately & the dates are letterpressed with utmost precision.


Concept Note

Deckle is about embracing our imperfections. Each page of this artful calendar is different, each one inexplicably unique. The name of this product, Deckle, comes from the instrument used to make it. The deckle has been used in the papermaking process for a long time, and when used with waste cotton paper, leaves rough edges during the flattening and cutting process. These rough edges make the calendar all the more beautiful and unique, just as our imperfections make us who we are. The paper is embedded with seeds that can be sown to grow into herbs, vegetables, and flowers: something that adds immeasurable value to the months gone by.

The wooden base that holds all the leaves of the calendar is made from reclaimed wood that is reused and polished to make a sturdy holder. The dates are letterpressed with utmost precision. This process pays homage to the papermaking process of old, and the instrument Deckle itself.

Every month is a reminder of your uniqueness and the greater things to come, with Deckle.

Limited Collection