'Sabke Rang' Herbal Gulal + Thandai

Rs. 699.00

Lab Tested. Skin Friendly. Made from 100% organic corn flour, vegetable & flowers.

  • 21Fools presents “Sabke Rang”, Bright Handmade Holi Colours with 100% Natural Ingredients, Baby-Safe, Skin-friendly, Eco-friendly, and completely non-toxic. This all-natural herbal Gulal in 4 radiant colors (Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green) to play Holi that is pure & safe. Completely handmade, finely filtered, this Gulal is perfectly soft and glossy and a joy to play with family and friends. 


  • Thandai is the most nourishing traditional drink consumed during Holi for its rejuvenating effect. Thandai is a special, milk-based soft drink prepared for Holi and is loaded with nuts, spices, rose petals, and sugar. 
  • Along with this box of Gulaal, 21Fools brings you the most-loved hand-pounded Thandai from Shri Thandai, Jaipur. Shri is an established brand serving people the authentic Indian spices & taste of nature through its wide range of Thandai. 

Herbal Colors:

  • Our shiny and bright yellow aka Suhenra Rang is made using Turmeric, Amaltash & cornstarch, handmade, and nurtured by Farmers and Tribal Communities. Ingredients used in “Sabke Rang” are known for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 
  • The vibrant Green color aka Haritah Rang is prepared using Spinach & Rajka Grass. These ingredients altogether, make sure to help your skin retain its radiance while playing Holi with your loved ones.
  • The shocking pink color aka Gulaabi Rang is prepared using Rose Petals, Beetroot & cornstarch. These colors result from natural raw materials and are the result of a selective color enrichment process to make your Holi more colorful. 
  • The bold orange color aka Naarangi Rang retains its authenticity from its ingredients. Its primary element is Palash. ”Sabke Rang” Holi color powders are smooth in texture, soft on the skin, and filled with natural aromas. 
  • Made by farmers & Tribal communities in Rajasthan these Herbal Gulals are Non-Toxic, Lead-Free, and made with food-grade ingredients. Prepared with the goodness of Turmeric, Beetroot, Rose Petals, Spinach, and Amaltash they are specially curated to make your Holi wholesome. 
  • These sachets of Gulaal are made from recycled paper.