'Sustainable' Diwali Pooja Kit

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For Diwali Pooja following items are made available in the Sustainable Diwali Pooja Kit:

  1. Red Handwoven Pooja cloth, 
  2. A Seed Paper Card with Lord Ganesha’s, Goddess Lakshmi Ji’s and Goddess Sarswati Ji’s illustration manually printed. 
  3. Eco-Friendly Incense sticks (5)made from waste temple flowers.
  4. Lamp made from Tamba and wicks, 
  5. Camphor Sachet 
  6. Betel nut, Cardamom and Clove wrapped in the Betel leaves (Paan). 
  7. Kumkum  Sachet 
  8. Rice  Sachet 
  9. Moli (Sacred Thread)
  10. “Pancha-Meva “ - Dry fruit and Mishri 
  11. Vermilion/ Sindoor  Sachet 
  12. Saffron / Kesar  Sachet 
  13. Red Sandalwood Powder  Sachet 
  14. Ganga-Jal 
  15. Wooden Stand to hold the Seed Paper Card
  16. Pooja Vidhi Book specially written for those performing Pooja for the first time with all the Sanskrit Shlokas and Vidhi.